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Amn Dawla and the Manufacture of Terrorists Attacks

March 8, 2011 by


Featured image via @AElMassry The storming of the Amn Dawla (State Security) headquarters in Alexandria by the Egyptian people is more than the beginning of the end for the secret police. It represents the incredible changes ongoing in Egypt, to be sure; changes which are noble and greatly needed. However, information arising from information recovered […]

BREAKING: False Flag from Egyptian Interior Ministry

March 7, 2011 by


Just read this. UPDATE: Link is broken, I’m working on that. Seems post was deleted. It was translation of recovered document providing information on an Interior Ministry plan from 2005 to plant three car bombs as fake terrorist attack. UPDATE 2: Here is the Google cache page. This is extremely important information, and goes to […]

Am Dawla: Cracking Open State Security

March 5, 2011 by


Featured image was taken by @3arabawy, Share and Share Alike. The people of Egypt have taken upon themselves the noble goal of dismantling the secret police, and are doing so splendidly. The State Security, or Am Dawla, headquarters in Alexandria has been successfully stormed by protesters. And after all is said and done, we are […]

The Empire of the Mind, Part 2

March 2, 2011 by


A very reasonable question to Part 1 could go something along the lines of “just how, exactly, does the US government try to make an empire our of the minds of people?” Well, I’m so glad you asked, because that’s what this post is all about. I think it’s necessary to first delve into the […]

The Empire of the Mind, Part 1

March 1, 2011 by


It is an ancient and well-established tradition that the dominant power or powers of a particular epoch will seek to display their primacy by constructing an empire. This is not to say that every empire is purely a vanity project, although all empires have very powerful currents of national pride, and indeed vanity, although such […]

Warning Shot in Libya: Kill-Switch Test

February 18, 2011 by


According to, the Colonel has dropped the hammer: Libya is completely offline. [EDIT} The Internet has been restored. Consider this a thought exercise, more new comments below. [/edit] Once again, we see a dictator going straight for the big red button marked ‘do not push’ and pushing it. To reiterate what I wrote about […]

The Pan-Arab Revolution: A Perfect Storm of Freedom

February 14, 2011 by


During the final days of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s dictatorship, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said “the Middle East is facing a perfect storm”. Senator John McCain called the protests a “virus”. This was, to be certain, not the most complimentary of things to be said, by the self-proclaimed most free country on […]