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Defining Terrorism



I’ve never really understood what people mean when they “terrorism”. Especially when those people saying “terrorism” are white straight men in positions of power and privilege. This confusion was really brought home to me because of recent church burnings. There are the burnings of black churches, of course, which somehow aren’t terroristic. But when a […]

Some Thoughts on Bigotry



I recently received a letter from a person whom I don’t wish to have contact for various reasons. This person, with whom I share some genetic material, doesn’t quite seem to understand that. Due to a possibly life-threatening cancer, apparently my desire to be left alone can be ignored. But that aside. This person, as […]

As texted to me recently by a friend…



I was having a conversation with a friend about the recent privatization of liquor sales & distribution in Washington. For those who don’t know, it was a power grab led by Costco to convert liquor sales from State control. The State had no profit motive, so it could 1) directly encourage restraint, by restricting locations […]

A Simple Theory of Complexity and Systemic Collapse



Hypothesis Every system has an activation, minimum, and maximum input level of materials and energy. Definitions: By system, I mean anything from a lightbulb to the US Interstate; ie any designed or analysable system. By input, I mean those materials and energy necessary for the system’s functioning. By maximum input, I mean that level of input […]

Pledge of Malfeasance



I pledge malfeasance to the Drag of the Divided States of America, and to the Repugnant for which it blands, one Station under Fog, indefensible, with Liberty and Justice for malls.

The Zombie Eugenicists Are Coming



So this article was sent along to me from a good friend locally. It’s from Market Watch, which is a part of The Wall Street Journal. I wasn’t expecting much expect some tired reformist nonsense, something along the lines of ‘change I can believe in’. Well hey-ho, was I in for a shock. The Eugenicists […]

The Farce of Bradley Manning’s Persecution



At long last, Bradley Manning has been charged. It has only taken almost two years, and was more likely resulting from the military’s inability to ‘break’ him by torture into becoming a star ‘witness’ against Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. The death penalty is probably still on the table, despite comments to the contrary, if merely […]