Facebook and Me

Sometime between 20:00 and 23:00 Pacific Time, on 8th January, 2011, Facebook decided to deactivate my account. No warning nor reason was given, and my only recourse was to send off an email to them, and then wait.


Here’s a copy of the first email I got from Facebook, on 08.01.2011. It was automatically generated after I had contacted Facebook via their system. Additionally, look here for more info about Facebook’s blocking policy. Email as follows:


In order to receive support, you must reply to this email to verify that you are the owner of the Facebook account that you referenced in your inquiry. This security step must be completed before Facebook can respond to your inquiry.

In addition, note that Facebook will only be able to provide assistance if you are writing in from the email address that you used to log in to your Facebook profile that’s disabled. If your disabled profile was registered under a different email address, then you will need to respond directly from that email address. To do this, take the following steps:

• Copy the exact email address you see in the “From” field of this email (ending in @support.facebook.com).
• Log in to the email account under which your disabled Facebook profile was registered.
• Compose a new email. Paste the address you copied (ending in @support.facebook.com) into the “To” field, let us know you’re responding from your disabled email address in the body, and click “Send.”

Once we have this information, we will take further steps to assist you. Remember that writing in multiple times will not result in a faster response. Once you submit your initial request, it is placed in a queue and responded to accordingly.

Lastly, you may not create another account using a different email address while you are waiting for a response. Creating more than one Facebook account is a violation of our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, and violations of this rule could result in all of your accounts being permanently disabled.

The Facebook Team


On 19.01.2011 I finally got a response:

Hi Andrew,

Your account was disabled because you violated Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. Prohibited behavior includes, but is not limited to:

• Creating or uploading content that is pornographic, sexually suggestive, or contains nudity
• Harassing other people with sexually explicit or threatening language
• Sending unsolicited friend requests or Inbox messages to people you don’t know

You will no longer be able to use Facebook. This decision is final and cannot be appealed.

Please note that for technical and security reasons, we will not provide you with any further details about this decision.

Thanks for contacting Facebook,

User Operations

Read my response here.

As memory serves, I did not of these here things. So, Facebook, you really just didn’t like me after all! I find this amusing, but in a way I wish they had put a bit more effort into the trumped-up charges.

So, to Facebook: frack you too! 😀

PS I have full headers for this email if anyone would like them. It’s free information as far as I’m concerned! However, it looks like “Tommy” is using an IP blocker. Oh well, perhaps the clever will find a way around that little problem…

So that’s the story, but the game continues. Join the Reinstate Andrew McInnes to Facebook group if you’d like to help tell Facebook to get a grip.

9 Responses “Facebook and Me” →

  1. Tricia


    Hope you hear from them soon Andrew.


  2. save something


    No wonder why I stop my accompt weeks ago and will do it again.I do not trust FB since this guy was award time person of the year.
    Also what is botter me is is Facebook sent personal data on request from USA dep of justice?

    • It’s quite possible that Facebook sent information to the DoJ. However, I suspect that the Department of Homeland Security is more likely to be behind all this.

      Others on Facebook are having problems as well. Some people are having their walls deleted, and their comments are getting edited mysteriously. It’s all highly suspicious.

      Take care!


  3. Hi Andrew,


    Could you start a ‘Post to me’ thread somewhere? Either in your contact or off-topic menu.
    Otherwise I keep leaving off-topic comments 😦

    Ok, “http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?topic=6136&post=113588&uid=108734602494994#topic_top”

    ‘Wikileaks needs your help’ thread have posted the e-mail id (forum1[at]wikileaks[dot]de)

    So suggest away. 🙂

    But I think, in addition, if you also create a post on it, it could be posted / linked in the WL forum and people could discuss on the suggestions. 🙂

    Bye & Take care 🙂

    • Hi Aruna

      Take a look at the top left of the blog. You’ll see a bunch of links, and one of them is ‘Contact Me’. 🙂


      I saw the notice that WikLeaks was coming up with a contact email; I’m glad that they’ve gotten it online! It’ll be great to see what comes of the discussion, and if I should have any ideas, I’ll pop them off on that email. Thanks for passing it along!

      Best to you,

      • 😀
        Oops. Sorry. I had mistakenly thought that link would be a contact ‘form’ where I wouldn’t have been able to view my comments after submission. 🙂

        Thanks for pointing it out to me 🙂

        I guess people who want to contact you privately can make use of the submissions link.

        Also, is it allowed for you to edit others’ comments? I want to edit/delete one particular comment I have made here.

        • Uh. Am I wrong about the privacy setting of comments to submissions link too? Are the comments there publicly viewable?

          If anyone wants to contact you ‘privately’, do they have that option/not ?

          In a reply to Edith in your ‘Comment’ section you had mentioned email submissions. Is the link to your email-id displayed somewhere on this blog? If so, would you mind pointing it out to me. I can’t find it. 😦

        • Hi Aruna,

          No worries! That’s a great idea, I’ll add my email. Two seconds.

          I think you can delete your own comments. If not, I can do it for you.



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