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I was having a conversation with a friend about the recent privatization of liquor sales & distribution in Washington.

For those who don’t know, it was a power grab led by Costco to convert liquor sales from State control. The State had no profit motive, so it could 1) directly encourage restraint, by restricting locations and business hours; 2) maintain price levels at a stable and sub-profit-seeking level; 3) stock a wide array of different alcohols, regardless of popularity.

Post-privatisiation, some (not) shocking things happened. Liquor prices jumped substantially, unusual/high-quality liquors became impossible to find, and suddenly liquor everywhere for your 24 hour drunk driving convenience.

Anyway, my friend was bewildered by this, especially since in Michigan I was enjoying both lower prices and wider variety. I told him this was because the State still owned the distribution system here, which means that there is no profit motive.

He asked “who responsible this?” Simple answer: the dogooder self-proclaimed liberal element on the I-5 corridor. The Costco campaign was brilliant: They simply hammered away on the “We should modernise liquor distribution! This is inefficient! Update the Prohibition-era laws” drum, and the idiotic Prius-driving Obama-dick-sucking voting public on the smog-choked I-5 danced to Costco’s rhythm. The State was stripped of its ability to maintain a pro-safety anti-profit liquor distribution system.

At which point he blew up and sent me this:

“What’s with all these assholes that can’t think for themselves? Maybe if the liberals got the free range chicken bone out of their asses they’d realize when they’re being duped. But Obama is their Jesus and can do no wrong. Meanwhile drones.”

This is coming from an Obama voter, mind you all.

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