The Zombie Eugenicists Are Coming

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So this article was sent along to me from a good friend locally. It’s from Market Watch, which is a part of The Wall Street Journal. I wasn’t expecting much expect some tired reformist nonsense, something along the lines of ‘change I can believe in’. Well hey-ho, was I in for a shock. The Eugenicists are back! Like shuffling zombies from the graves of shoddy philosophy, they’re moaning snippets of their tired, old message from a century past: Kill the poor.

Putting this in some context, I’m part of a group building a Transition Towns initiative. If you haven’t heard of Transition Towns, it’s really cool and you should read about it here. Generally speaking, a TT initiative is focused on relocalising city economies, building community, becoming more environmentally sensitive, getting off of petroleum as an energy source, and all that good stuff. As a note to Occupiers and OWS-supporters, the framework and goals of Transition Towns is very much in concert with Occupy.

Moving on. It’s difficult enough to talk about a post-capitalist future, which every Transition Towns movement is focused upon proactively building. A lot of people can’t conceptualise a post-capitalist economy, especially in the United States, and when they do they tend to see some sort of ghoulish Mad Max scenario.

Put it another way, I don’t always think about a post-capitalist future, but when I do, I go batshit. Eugenicists and their addiction to a barbarous & racist non-science only serves to muddy the waters. There is absolutely no reason why fewer people on Planet Earth, even vastly fewer people, would turn around the global debt-based economy. In point of fact, fewer people means that there will be fewer debtors and tax-payers, which would inevitably eviscerate said global debt-based economy. Eugenicists are not very strong on the economics side of life.

I must say that I wish Eugenicists would take their philosophy to the logical conclusion and excuse themselves from the living so as to offer up a good example of their viewpoint to the rest of us. But I digress.

The first page of the article was generally agreeable, and the writer even went to the shocking length of pointing out that the US Presidential and Congressional elections are complete farces. That was actually somewhat of a surprise for me. The Wall Street Journal is more often than not a mouthpiece for enforcing the dominance of the two-headed single party system of the United States.

But then there was page two, and the titular 20 ‘rules’ of this article. That’s where the Eugenicists came out, shuffling two-by-two. In my opinion, rules 1-4 can be best explained by the following statement.

The assumption of the article is that the highest form of good is to expand the consumerist lifestyle, such that all living people can enjoy that lifestyle. However, the finite resources of the Earth will not support the present number of people, or any number above, once they inevitably become consumers (because everyone wants to live in suburbs and shop at WalMart, duh). Therefore, global population must be shrunk in order to ensure that the resources of the Earth can support a planet filled with consumers. Those who are already consumers are more in keeping with this highest form of good, so it’s the population of those people are not yet consumers which must be decreased. In other words, the global poor must be prevented (by force if necessary) from reproducing, at all costs.

Curiously enough, the preponderance of the global poor are also not ‘white’. What an odd coincidence.

The rules range between amusing to jaw-droppingly ignorant. It assumes that the vast apparatus of nation-states underpinning the modern capitalist system will remain intact. What else other than an authoritarian nation-state would have the brute military power to force something like population control on the entire world?

The very notion of #13, “No-compromise politics ends, cooperation essential to survival”, is almost schizophrenic in comparison to the rabid assertion of Eugenics and the authoritarian government it absolutely requires. There is no actual change to the status quo in this article’s mad delusions; the last two words of the article are “after austerity”.

This article is the ramblings of a status quo-er desperate to assert that things should stay the same, but dressing it up in terms which give lip-service to the imperatives of the future. Yet in all things a silver lining: “We have no choice: Cooperate, live in peace.” Quite right, but there’s no cooperation or hope for peace to be found in the ‘rules’. Eugenics is about peace for a few, built upon all-out war upon the many. The ultimate expression of the 1% versus the 99%.

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