Amn Dawla and the Manufacture of Terrorists Attacks

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The storming of the Amn Dawla (State Security) headquarters in Alexandria by the Egyptian people is more than the beginning of the end for the secret police. It represents the incredible changes ongoing in Egypt, to be sure; changes which are noble and greatly needed. However, information arising from information recovered from the headquarters gives rise to some very disturbing observations.

Generally the Amn Dawla was in charge of spying on everyone in Egypt. Mona Eltahawy, for example, recounted on Twitter an exchange with an Amn Dawla agent. She also touched on a ‘meeting’ with the Amn Dawla when she was sent by Reuters to be the agency’s Israel correspondent, in an attempt to have her serve as an informant. Others also had unhappy encounters with Amn Dawla.

Discoveries within the Amn Dawla headquarters in Alexandria include some very disturbing things, such as boxes of Viagra — which one person suggested was a form of torture for men: after four hours, erections become damaging — and portable battery chargers — for administering electric shocks to prisoners. There was also apparently a room filled with sex tapes, which were presumably meant as blackmail material in order to keep various people ‘in line’; very persuasive tools, given the very sensitive and private nature of sex in the Middle East.

However, there was one document I am familiar with, which stands out from all other discoveries this far. It is an Interior Ministry memo, describing in chillingly clinical details the planning of the worst ‘terrorist’ attack in Egypt’s history: the Sharm el-Sheik attacks on 23 July 2005. The original post of this information has since been removed, but the Google cache page can be found here. [Link fixed. If it stops working please leave a comment]

This memo shows that the supposed terrorist attack was actually planned and executed by the Interior Ministry. According to the Wikipedia article, between 64 and 88 people were killed, and approximately 150 were injured. This was an attack perpetrated by the Egyptian government  on Egyptians: a terrorist attack manufactured by Amn Dawla, presumably to provide some sort of legitimacy to the threat of ‘terrorists’.

Stepping back to look at the bigger picture, consider that at the time this false flag was created and executed, Hosni Mubarak was president of Egypt. This is a man whom Secretary of State Hillary Clinton considered a “friend of [her] family”. Mubarak was also a close ally of the United States in the ‘War on Terror’. Inter-agency and inter-governmental cooperation between the USG and the Egyptian government was very high; consider how Omar Suleiman was the chief Egyptian liaison for the CIA’s ‘extraordinary rendition’ torture network.

There is little reason to expect that Hosni Mubarak was not aware of this plan, as all accounts of him I have read suggest he kept a short lease on all his underlings. Like any good dictator, he would not have brooked so important an operation going forward without his knowledge. No dictator would allow his secret police to be so autonomous, because if they should get so out of hand, they could plot to assassinate him.

I also doubt that the USG was not aware — at least in a general sense — of this operation as well, considering the very close relationship which Mubarak had with high-level US agents, such as Hillary Clinton. There is also ‘War on Terror’ cooperation to consider as well, not to mention the basic need to avoid ‘unfortunate’ deaths of US embassy personnel.

Given all this, many questions come to mind. In my opinion, the least of which should be doubts about the nature of people like Secretary Clinton: who is she, really, that she would consider such a person as Mubarak a “close family friend”? He is a man who, amongst other heinous acts — such as ordering the Army to attack peaceful demonstrators — oversaw a plot to manufacture a false-flag terrorist attack.

More fundamentally, it casts a troubling light on the entire ‘War on Terror’. Given that this so-called ‘terrorist’ attack was a false-flag, and the US government likely knew it, it is reasonable to wonder how many other such attacks were themselves ‘fake’. One must wonder if, for example, the Stockholm or Madrid bombings were sponsored by the Swedish and Spanish secret police/intelligence services, respectively.

I posit that this false-flag from the Egyptian Interior Ministry is not an isolated incident, but rather a facet of a system of institutionalised self-justification. The ‘War on Terror’ needs terrorists and terrorist attacks. If no ‘real terrorists’ are forthcoming, it seems that those countries involved in the ‘War’ will ensure reasonable facsimiles are manufactured.

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  1. Robyn Banx



    I’ve got the “Just An Egyptian” Blog posting scrap-booked if you need a copy. The one from the cache may be tough to get, depending on how you go about it.

    Your current link rings up a 404.

    This one might do it if google is asked to search for the following string:

    • Hi Robyn,

      Thanks for the head’s up, I think I’ve gotten the cache link fixed. At least, it worked for me.

      I’ve saved a copy of the post to my hard disk, but if you have a method to have the post on a website, please leave a link and I’ll track to it.

      *Everyone reading this should save a copy of that post*. It seems to be elusive, and it incredibly important information!


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