BREAKING: False Flag from Egyptian Interior Ministry

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Just read this. UPDATE: Link is broken, I’m working on that. Seems post was deleted. It was translation of recovered document providing information on an Interior Ministry plan from 2005 to plant three car bombs as fake terrorist attack.

UPDATE 2: Here is the Google cache page.

This is extremely important information, and goes to show the validity of what I wrote here: extremely damaging information will be coming out of Egypt.

This is a false flag event taking place inside a ‘trust’ US ally, perpetrated by a former US-backed dictator. I sincerely doubt that the Us Embassy was unaware of this plan, to avoid any unhappy ‘collateral damage’ of USG employees. Although this doesn’t directly involve the USG, it doesn’t look good that a ‘trusted’ ally in “The War on Terror” was planning terror. Expect more very big revelations in the near future.

Additionally, this damages the credibility of the military government in Egypt, because 10 I have no doubt the top brass was aware of this ‘attack’, and 2) the soldiers on the ground protecting Interior Ministry and State Security assets will not be pleased to know about what it is they are protecting. These revelations will embolden the people of Egypt, and will probably reduce the willingness of the army’s rank and fie to support the military and State security apparatus against the popular uprising.

Enough damaging information like this, and the solders on the ground will probably abandon the generals and join with the protesters. This are going to be moving quickly now. I think it is only matte of time before the military junta is completely without credibility, and supporters. Keep watch on this, it is huge.

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