Am Dawla: Cracking Open State Security

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The people of Egypt have taken upon themselves the noble goal of dismantling the secret police, and are doing so splendidly. The State Security, or Am Dawla, headquarters in Alexandria has been successfully stormed by protesters. And after all is said and done, we are left with… files. Lots of them, as the featured image shows.

For images from inside the Alexandria Am Dawla building, please check out the following:

@EgyptocracyTwitpic images
@3arabawyTwitpic images

In point of fact, you should follow these two on Twitter, as well. They are tweeting from the front line of a very important Revolution. Additionally, here’s a video from the protesters before they stormed the Am Dawla building.

The material which has been recovered is at the very least the files of Egyptians who have been followed, intimidated, and otherwise spied upon by State Security. However, there is the possibility of even more important information, such as this image of a folder marked “Bombing of the Saints’ Church in Alexandria” would suggest. To be less coy, I posit there is a high likelihood that very damaging information about the (hypothetical?) Am Dawla’s relationship with various US government agencies, such as the CIA.

This could be yet another Cablegate, but far more important: leaks from the Am Dawla files and databases are not just ‘party chatter’, but state secrets. There is not an insignificant chance, in my mind, that US-related information will be released. I am aware that SS agents were shredding and burning documents — as photographs from the above albums attest — but given the very disorganised state of the headquarters, I sincerely doubt that the destruction of documents was terribly organised. Time will tell, of course, but for the meanwhile, and if you can read Arabic, check out Am Dawla Leaks on Facebook, and follow the revelations on Twitter.

Be that as it may, I want to preliminarily add Am Dawla Leaks to the list of leaks catastrophic to the US Empire, on top of Cablegate and Pandora’s Box (the HBGary emails.) Whatever comes out of this leak is going to be of a highly important nature, and must not be missed. If I am right, and US-related material is released, it will vastly accellerate the dissolution of US government control over the Middle East. One very big nail is probably being driven into the coffin of the US Empire: it will only take a handful of Am Dawla Leaks — if US-related material is recovered — to utterly annihilate USG credibility, and operations, in the entire region.

UPDATE 1 — 00.02, 06.03.2011

Via @3arabawy:

First, we have a list of a few people who visited the Am Dawla on friendly terms:

Some of the people who visit – and left their card with – the State Security HQ, including
Mohamed Nosseir, CEO of Vodafone Egypt
Salah El Ghazali Harb, whose brother is Osama El Ghazali Harb, president of the Democratic Front Party (Hezb El Gabha)
Mohamed Salmawy, Editor in Chief of Al-Ahram Hebdo
Moataz El Shazli, Ahram Journalist in the “Political Organizations division” (writes on political parties i guess?)

Second, here’s a great blog post about how the storming of the Am Dawla’s headquarters progressed. Very powerful images.

Third, anyone still using Vodafone?

Fourth, I’d say the leaks begin. Brace for some excitement.

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