Sweden – USA bekräftar svensk Natokoppling

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Via WikiLeaks. Badly translated by Google.
Josef el Mahdi, 2:a december 2010, 03.00 GMT. Original article here.

Secret post. The U.S. Embassy in Sweden believes that the Swedish government has lied about how close military cooperation with NATO. According to the secret American diplomatic correspondence SvD seen.

In May 2007, Fredrik Reinfeldt for the first time as prime minister to fly to Washington to meet America’s then-President George W. Bush. At the American Embassy in Stockholm signing Ambassador Michael Wood, an encrypted telegram sent away for the meeting with the president.

In the telegram describing how Wood Reinfeldt is a leader who is “better placed to work with the U.S. than his predecessor, Goran Persson. It is one of hundreds of secret telegram from the embassy in Stockholm that Wikileaks has obtained and examined by SvD. Picture emerges of a very close security cooperation between Sweden and the United States. The entire scale is not even known in the Swedish Government Offices, believe the United States.

Krypto The fax that goes off at 3:26 p.m. May 4 is classified and Michael Underwood go head-on. Sweden is certainly not a NATO ally, but is in fact a “pragmatic and strong” partner, “he emphasizes. Ambassador continues: “Sweden’s official line is non-alignment in peacetime and neutrality in the event of war. The country’s active participation in NATO Partnertskap for peace and his role as leader of the European Union’s 1500-strong Nordic Battle Group, show that the official position is a lie “, give the lie to the official policy.

On the other hand raises Sweden, Norway and Finland newly aroused interest in Nordic cooperation custody mixed reactions from Americans. The risk is that Norway’s Red-Green government of abandoning the country’s “traditionally strong transatlantic ties and focus on NATO. This would weaken NATO’s northern flank. ”

On the other hand, U.S. is also an opportunity to affect cooperation so that the Nordic countries “strengthen their capacity and increase its efforts in global areas of conflict – either by EU or NATO.” Not least, Mr Tolgfors highlighted to the Ambassador Wood that Nordic defense cooperation “in Sweden closer to NATO”.

But Sweden and Finland would be welcomed with open arms in NATO is challenged by the U.S. Embassy in Oslo, in a telegram dated 3 / 11 2008 Washington asking if countries really to be welcomed:

“Seeking the United States government Swedish and Finnish NATO membership? On the surface they seem to welcome, but it may cause potential adverse consequences of getting more skeptical and idealistic members of NATO “.

Sweden’s position in the Nordic countries, data from the Swedish military and civil intelligence is an important source for the U.S. to inspect “Russia’s internal military relationships.” More surprising is that the U.S. also states that the Swedish intelligence agency played an equally important role in the understanding of Iran’s nuclear program.

Cooperation against terrorism, “continues Michael Wood, is so secret that if President George W. Bush would like to commend the Swedish prime minister of Sweden’s role should therefore be done in the studio, is the ambassador.

The newly appointed Defence Minister Sten Tolgfors said that it is he who rules over defense policy and not the Finance Minister. Documents from Wikileaks describes frequent calls between the U.S. Embassy and Tolgfors or his senior officials.

At a meeting, which was also depicted in a telegram from the embassy, should Mr Tolgfors have said that he was easy to get political support for Swedish participation in NATO’s umbrella, but running Swedish member chapter of the military alliance is more difficult. U.S. embassy wrote in its analysis that it is a fact that Sweden moved closer to the United States and NATO. “A breakthrough” for Sweden’s rapprochement with NATO, quoted Mr Tolgfors the embassy when Sweden joined the cooperation of NATO military transport plane in Hungary.

“Sweden relegates neutrality to the dustbin of history”, the embassy makes a hit between the incoming deputy defense minister for Europe, James Townsend and Defence Minister State Secretary Håkan Jevrell, in August 2009.

Ambassador Michael Wood describes in one of the secret telegrams that he had “cultivated a close relationship to Tolgfors” since his time as trade minister.

When Mr Tolgfors will travel to Washington on working visit reports the U.S. Embassy that conditions are good, “Tolgfors told the ambassador that he loves the United States.”