To the People of the World: The US is not your Friend

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As if to reinforce what I have been saying these past few months, much has been coming out of late from both revolutions and WikiLeaks. To distill my basic comments about the US government: it is a criminal organisation incestuously intertwined with international corporations and other ‘allied’ governments. Together, this organism is hell-bent on recreating the world in its image, as a global police state. I’ve written much more on the subject — and I’ll probably write more in the future — but you can find my more in-depth thoughts here and here.

The best way to show what I am talking about is to refer to the words of the US government itself. Specifically, I want to focus on the latest revelation surrounding how the US was willing to betray information on the United Kingdom’s nuclear arsenal to the Russian government in exchange for keeping a new START programme moving along.

I wrote “betray”, because according to the Telegraph, the UK government did not give the US permission to use that information in US/Russian negotiations. The US government decided to use that information anyway, as a bargaining chip for its own interests. As the Telegraph notes with particular acidity, this definitely “sheds new light on the so-called “special relationship”.”

The implications of this cannot be overexaggerated. The US government, in essence, is willing to sell off information about its closest ally’s most strategic and potent ‘deterrent’ programme. There is little else which is more sensitive for a government, and the US government is passing that information around as if it were a party favour.

The question arises: if the hotly contested nuclear deterrent arsenal is a party favour for the US government, then what isn’t?

My answer is: absolutely nothing.  Every single facet of a given country’s relationship with the US government is one which the US considers a party favour which it can use to buy what it wants. This might be with the country in question (“Do this or we will make this public”) or passed around the world, as with the UK’s nuclear arsenal.

Given the very long history of US/UK relations, and the willingness of the US government to betray that relationship, it is not too much of a stretch to assume that those countries which have less special relationships will receive the same, or worse, consideration behind closed doors. In other words, using the UK’s nuclear arsenal as a party favour with the recalcitrant Russians is just a single instance of what the US government does consistently with its other ‘allies’.

As the wave of revolution continues to spread through the Middle East, and probably soon into Europe as well, I suspect that more information will be coming out about this. Indeed, the levels of betrayal which will be revealed will not only be on the government-to-government level, but at the level of government-to-people.

As an example, if you would examine the featured photo of this article, you will see an understandably angry Egyptian holding up a tear gas canister. A careful examination of that canister will show “Made in USA” on its side. This is a microcosm of a different sort: this is an on-the-ground example of a government betraying its people in favour of US government interests. In this case, the Egyptian people themselves are the party favour.

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