Big List of WikiLeaks Getting Bigger

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Thanks to Edith Komes’ continuing efforts, the original Big List is now much bigger. It’s in three parts, and are so big they crash WordPress if I try to post them directly into the editor.

I’m having to trim her original copy of display photos, number of friends, et cetera; even then, I can only copy/paste about 10 pages at a time. No links are being removed, have no fear! I will provide copies of her original file on request.

I have gotten one new part posted; the other two will come soon. Mouse over the page at the top of the blog, and the list will pop down.

[EDIT 27.01.11]

First released: Facebook search for “WikiLeaks”

Facebook search for “WikiLeaks Support” now online.
Facebook search for “Julian Assange” now online.


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