Open Letter to Facebook

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This is the email I sent in reply to this message from Facebook, regarding my account deletion.

Dear Tommy,

I hope this finds you well.

I didn’t expect anything other than this reply, to be honest, and I’m not writing to appeal. Frankly, I knew the decision was final, because this decision is both fallacious, and not made by Facebook.

As you might or might not be able to tell, I did nothing wrong; I certainly did not violate any of the charming little comments you helpfully included. The only thing I did ‘wrong’ was that I had something to say, and I shared it willingly.

Specifically, I spoke out in favour of WikiLeaks, and I talked about what it means. I helped out others in this discussion, and participated in a conversation which is still ongoing. My censorship — for that is what this is, as far as I can tell — has only served to strengthen that conversation.

Clearly I have violated some rule; it is, however, a rule which is not in the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. The rule is something external and unwritten, something which is not shared with users, but imposed upon them nonetheless.

Facebook claims to want to build community, and I have to wonder how it will expect to do so when it bends to the whims of dark forces. Deleting one community participant results in suspicion; deleting hundreds will bring an end to the charade.

Do you, Tommy, know who is pulling the strings? If you don’t, find out, and decide for yourself the validity of what I am saying. My only recommendation for you is to get out of Facebook now, before you, too, are censored.

All the best,
–Andrew McInnes

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