Self-Defence for WikiLeaks Supporters

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It seems that my account being deleted was just the first play in a larger programme of censorship on Facebook. I’m reading reports from the WikiLeaks discussion board that posts of a handful of people are getting changed by a mysterious hand. Additionally, walls have been unilaterally deactivated, and a list of nearly 500 of WikiLeaks-supportive pages both wouldn’t load via Facebook, and was nearly deleted off of the participant’s own profile.

The cold, dead hand of the censor weighs heavily upon us all. ‘Censor’, of course, is not just a person, but an entire system; consider a previous post here. Be that as it may, new steps must be taken to protect conversation, and preserve the information flow.

Facebook must be complicit in this censorship, simply because it is too pervasive and targeted for these ‘changes’ to be hacks. This means that, although Facebook is still a useful tool for conversation, it is no longer trustworthy as an information storage device. Additionally, these is likely no longer any guarantee that the profile of other participants won’t be summarily deactivated, for reasons unclear.

To foil these censorship plays, I humbly suggest the following defensive tactics:

1) Make a list outside of Facebook of the emails of friends and friendly participants.
2) Create a blog and use it to post your — and others — thoughts and analysis. I recommend WordPress, because Blogspot is part of Google, and it is best to not trust Google right now.
3) Generally take proactive steps to deal with the potential difficulties which might arise from having one’s Facebook profile deleted.

That’s all the thoughts I have for now. Please post ideas, one and all!

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