Why the US is Panicked, Part 2

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See Part 1 here.

In Part 1, I laid out what Cablegate shows to the world: it reveals the existence of the US State Department’s foreign nationals spy network. Briefly I touched upon how this network shatters the visage which the US government attempts to present to the world. The US, I posit, is the complete antithesis of what it claims to stand for. In Part 2, I will elaborate upon these themes.

In regarding the now-clear existence of the US State Department’s spy network, several reactions should be immediate. I will focus on two: why? and who benefits? These actually fit together, and can be examined in concert. Here I turn to another thread I wrote, “WikiLeaks shows the US is not Fascist or Imperialist, But Something Worse.” (thanks Manuel for reloading.)

It is very easy to say, upon seeing the US in a new light, that it is Fascist and imperialist. It definitely has facets of both: the US government is in an incestuous and downright-unholy coupling with corporate interests, ie Fascism; and it seeks via military and economic coercion to expand its ‘sphere of influence’ across the globe, ie imperialism.

Ostensibly this is all neatly tied up in the phrase, which the US likes to bandy about from time to time, “the world’s police”. As Cablegate suggests, the US is indeed the world’s ‘something’, but the rule of law is obviously not the goal; rather, the US is an enforcer for something more arbitrary, and ominous. The US enforces for the benefit of various ‘interests’, using all its tools against those who do not operate in concordance with these ‘interests’.

This could be called a facet of imperialism, because the end result is the US political and economic control of a growing portion of the globe. However, that’s not entirely accurate, because this isn’t traditional imperialism: the US is not trying to spread its culture, in any realistic sense of the word ‘culture’. Imperialism, first and foremost, is a cultural process: it is the forcible spread of ‘proper’ culture. So, the US has gone beyond imperialism, into something else.

Now, it is also clear that this enforcement is for the benefit of corporations; that is obviously Fascism. However, the US clearly does not care where the corporations are from, nor who owns them. They merely need to be with ‘the programme’. This disinterest makes the US not Fascist in the traditional sense, because Fascism is a nationalist movement first and foremost. Additionally, the US is happy to work with other lesser enforcer countries, so long as they are with ‘the programme’ as well. This is also not traditionally Fascist, as there is no evident racial superiority complex. Properly Fascist countries cannot cooperate with ‘racially impure’ countries, ipso facto; the US has also moved beyond Fascism.

The effects of this post-neo-imperialist/fascist enforcement is where an answer must be sought for what this ‘enforcement’ is. Effects include: genocide, despotic governments, dissent suppression, corporate largesse, economic and military entanglement with US interests, military invasions, resource (eg oil) accumulation through military force, et cetera. More can be added, but I don’t think that is necessary; the picture is gruesomely clear.

I think it is simplest to say that the US is enforcer for a global police state. There seems to be no other way to describe what is going on: it is imperialism, but not for culture; it is Fascism, but not for nationalism. The application of force across the world is done by the US, for no other reason than it can, as bizarre as that might sound. In essence, the US is simply a brutish police agency, corrupt beyond measure and bought off by select corporations. The US does the heavy lifting and truly dirty work across the world, funded by banks and taxpayers, so that corporations can maintain growth, profits, and bonuses for upper management.

I say for the corporations, because the US clearly does not benefit overmuch from this police state; government leaders, by and large, are not enriching themselves. It is the US-complicit corporations (the vampire squids, to extend the Goldman Sachs metaphor) which benefit wildly: almost all the world is at their fingertips.

Take corporations such as Visa, MasterCard, Bank of America, Amazon, PayPal, et al: they reacted in concert with the US government in persecuting WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. They depend upon the US State Department’s spy network as much as does the US itself. They have as much – or more – to lose with the break-up of this network; if the US becomes blind, so too will these corporations. As they are incestuously intertwined, what makes the US panic will make corporations panic, and vice versa.

I should also add, that the US spy network serves not only as a flow of information into the US government, but it also works in reverse: it can force information into foreign governments. It, in itself, is an enforcement tool, because through it, the US can coerce the foreign governments into toeing ‘the line’. That ‘line’ is very often for economic and corporate interests, (consider the pressure on Russia to accept Visa and MasterCard,) but it is also broad-gauge political enforcement – Mark Arbib and his actions around the sudden mutiny against then-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s Government, in favour of the obviously US-complicit Julia Gillard, is a good example.

Because corporations need growth to survive, this will mean their primary tools – secret information and enforcement, along with the US military – will be impaired or immobilised. This is disaster for them, as well, and they will seek to find a new host country to reestablish the needed locus of the global police state. It is for this reason, that a specifically anti-US solution will not cure this problem, because the current behaviour of the US is an outbreak of the disease, not the disease itself. The disease is the idea that a metastatic global police state is something which should be created, merely because it can be.

In closing, I think it should be clear that the US is indeed systematically subverting the sovereignty of the rest of the world. However, the US is merely the present locus of that subversion; if citizens of the world are not vigilant in disassembling the ethos of the global police state itself, sometime in the future it will be some country other than the US, which will seek to subvert the world. The US is panicked, in tandem with corporations; they are part of the same disease.

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