UAE Prison Camps, and Angry Policy Advisors

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I’m trying to reconstruct various threads I started on Facebook. Here’s one which some might not want to be read. Is there a chance that this got my account deactivated?


This is from 05ABUDHABI2178

Go here for original cable:

Full excerpt is at the end of this post.

Important line: Ambassador thanked Interior Minister Sheikh Saif for his assistance the week before in allowing G/TIP visitor Feleke Assefa access to camel jockey rehabilitation and social support centers.

First off, G/TIP = Trafficking in Persons; I’m not certain as to the G, but I suspect it means Government.

At any rate, the very important phrase is: “camel jockey rehabilitation and social support centers”. Consult Urban Dictionary if you are unaware of the term “camel jockey”.

Does not a “camel jockey rehabilitation and social support centers” sound like code for “terrorist prison camps”?

——Full paragraph quote follows. Full original document here:

Camel Jockeys

¶9. (SBU) On the margins of the MbZ conversation, Ambassador
thanked Interior Minister Sheikh Saif for his assistance the
week before in allowing G/TIP visitor Feleke Assefa access to
camel jockey rehabilitation and social support centers.
Ambassador noted that a Tier 3 ranking remained a possibility
despite the UAEG,s vigorous efforts since mid-March with
UNICEF, IOM, and others. A trafficking in persons
reassessment would take place in August, she noted, and it
was important for the UAE to continue the good work it was
doing in solving the problem. MbZ aide Yousef al Otaiba
promised to forward a copy of the UAE-UNICEF TIP implementing
agreement and budget. (Note: he has done so; we have
forwarded the document electronically to G/TIP and NEA/ARPI.
End note.)


A ways into the thread, and perhaps a week or so later, I got these comments from one Kenneth Wise. The original comments seem to have been successfully removed from the internet. But guess what? I took screenshots! And one of his profile, just for good measure…

So there’s Mr Wise. He doesn’t seem to like me very much… perhaps he had something to do with my account being deactivated? Admittedly, it took awhile after my comments to him, for my account to be turned off.

Oh, and there was the whole “Government Agent On This Board — Evidence Within” thread… maybe he didn’t like that one, either!

Update: thanks to Manuel, here’s the first post of my “Government Agent on this Board, Evidence Within” thread.
I recently made a comment on this thread. This is the thread; it is about possible torture centres in the UAE:!/topic.php?uid=108734602494994&topic=2964

This person’s name is Kenneth Wise. Here is his profile:

This is his employment information:

Dubai Consultancy RMC–b’huth

Director of Policy Research Division · August 2006 to present

Policy analysis and recommendations for several UAE government divisions. Speech writing.

Here is a screenshot of his profile:!/photo.php?fbid=582968115127&set=a.582968110137.2119003.6606277

Here is a screenshot of his comment and my reply:

Here is a screenshot of his reply to my comment:!/photo.php?fbid=582968299757&set=a.582968110137.2119003.6606277&pid=33321833&id=6606277

The links to my profile are obviously broken, as well as to the thread. However, the screenshots are above.

At any rate, and regardless of 1) the nature of these ‘centers’ and 2) Mr Wise’s opinions, my question is: was Mr Wise speaking as a private individual, or a representative of his employer/the UAE government?

*** EDIT 15.01.2011

The curious thing about the situation of having Mr Wise comment on the original Facebook thread, is that he made his comments after I had quoted Julian Assange in an interview with Al Jazeera:

Top officials in several Arab countries have close links with the CIA, and many officials keep visiting US embassies in their respective countries voluntarily to establish links with this key US intelligence agency, says Julian Assange… Some Arab countries even have torture houses where Washington regularly sends ‘suspects’ for ‘interrogation and torture’, he said.”

Very quickly after I had posted that quote, Mr Wise posted his comment. Interesting timing, no? Why would he choose that time to comment, and why on that thread? This is why I question his motives: as he works with the UAE, and is a high-level policy advisor to the UAE, he potentially has a serious conflict of interest.

I take Mr Assange’s statements seriously. He does not name the UAE, but last I checked, the UAE could be called an Arab country. There is a chance that the UAE has these centres, but this is not yet conclusively proven or disproven. I’m a curious person, I like to try to fit pieces of information together; why would Mr Wise speak so stridently against my hypothesis? Could not one say he might have something to hide?

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